This unified user interface should replace Mayas clunky attribute spreadsheet. It is only displaying the most relevant attributes which are needed in Look development and lighting tasks. It has been developed for artist to achieve results faster and survive deadlines. 

Object List

Displays all controllable objects.

Attribute Control

In this section all the important parameters can be set, incremented or randomized. 

Unique Control

Using increment, random or set to control attributes in a new refreshing way. 

Detailed Documentation about all controls and options

  • Select the objects you want to manipulate in the outliner or in the viewport and open Attribute Control. OR by adding or removing objects using the “+” and “x” to the existing window.
  • The  “♻” icon will update the object list with the current active selection.
  • The “✪” icon will update the list with only the selected object and not its children.


The default behaviour for adding objects is done recursively. Which means if you select the top group it will traverse all the children. 

Objects can also be ignored by deselecting them in the Object List.


Will incrementally add or subtract the value to or from the current value of the object. Eg. incrementally changing exposure of all light sources by 1 EV stop. 


Will open a dialog where minimum and maximum values need to be entered for a random value. Eg. Randomizing the rotations for trees in a forest in rotate y. 


Will simply set the chosen value and apply that to all the objects. 

Custom Setters

Depending on the attribute type, different buttons appear with different titles. Which should be self explanatory. 



In certain cases attributes have been locked. The default behaviour is to skip over locked attributes which in most cases is the expected behaviour. 

In some edge cases it might be desirable to also adjust locked attributes. In the “Edit” menu is the option you are looking for. Enable “Force Attribute” to override locked values. (It will unlock, set value, and lock again)


In the “Help” menu you will find “Report” and “Documentation” to get in touch with the developer or to head to this documentation. 

If you find any bugs or unexpected behaviour, please use the report functionality to give feedback to the developers. 

Currently supported renderer

This tab is designed to only control transform nodes, all other shape nodes are ignored. Which means objects which are of type “transform” will be manipulated. Objects like “mesh”, “light” or “xgen” won’t be controlled in this tab. 

As the tab titles name, this only controls meshes. Meshes are your typical polygons or any other type of “mesh”. It will grant you control for render visibility, smoothing options and more. 

The lighting tab will help you to control all light specific tasks. All the most important attributes are stripped out to help you achieve the best and fastest results possible.